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Hercon Environmental was founded in 1974 to develop, manufacture, and commercialize environmentally compatible products to combat major insect pests in agricultural, forestry, industrial/utility, professional pest management, and home & garden markets. We utilize non-toxic/low toxicity insect pheromones, attractants and repellents and low risk insecticides to help you monitor and control insect pests. Our incredible team continuously dedicates their time improving current products, producing new products, and exceeding the expectations of customers. 

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Work with us to develop custom formulations that combine value and efficacy with environmental compatibility designed to meet your specific requirements.

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Proudly manufactured in our facility in Emigsville, Pennsylvania. By making our products domestically, we are able to help support the local economy and support our community. In the process, we promote our belief that great products are still made right here in the US.

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Our U.S.-based customer support team is here to answer your questions about Hercon products, provide you with a product sample, or help you get started with a custom pest control solution.

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