Hercon's Disruptants

When populations of insects threaten to destroy your forest or stored products, trust us to help protect your commodities. Our products disrupt an insect's ability to search for mates or navigate their environment. Some insects we currently target include Gypsy Moths, Indian Meal Moths, and Bark Beetles.

We offer both hand-applied dispensers and aerial-applied flakes.


Reliable Results

Our dispensers and micro-flakes are developed using rigorous scientific methods. Both reliable and easy to use, they provide a steady controlled release of an active ingredient.

We adhere to the highest quality standards in every aspect of production to ensure you receive the best disruptants. 


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Looking for something unique, or a custom pest-control product?

Our in-house team of engineers allows for faster response and turnaround time on custom jobs. That way, you can customize and create at the speed of innovation.

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Our U.S.-based customer support team is here to answer your questions about Hercon products, provide you with a product sample, or help you get started with a custom pest control solution.

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