Attractants & Lures

Hercon's Attractants & Lures

Whether you want to detect the presence of a new pest, evaluate a pre-existing infestation, or improve trap efficacy, you can rely on our products. We are committed to sourcing high-quality materials and ensuring the efficacy of our attractants and lures with rigorous testing. We can customize your order with features such as hanging clips, sticky cards, metal detection for use in food storage facilities, and different dispenser colors. Our products are used for gardens, stored product facilities, import and travel facilities, agriculture, and more.


Variety of target pests

Examples of some pests we currently offer solutions for include boll weevil, Japanese beetle, codling moth, false codling moth, gypsy moth, spotted lanternfly, pantry and storage pests, corn borers, oriental fruit moth, clothes moths, mosquitos, exotic fruit flies, spruce budworm, fall armyworm, cotton bollworm, and tobacco cutworm. Please ask us about your target species.



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