About Hercon Environmental

Hercon Environmental has remained a leader in the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of insect monitoring and control products for more than 40 years.

Our Pennsylvania company emerged in 1974 when Dr. Aegis F. Kydonieus and Alberto Quisumbing invented highly effective controlled–release products for integrated pest management (IPM). Because of this innovation, we are able to provide customers with environmentally compatible IPM solutions that utilize non-toxic/low toxicity insect pheromones, attractants and repellents, and low-risk insecticides. We are trusted professionals that aid in the control of insects such as gypsy moths in forests, boll weevil invasions in cotton, Japanese beetles in gardens, and mosquitoes in public and residential settings.

Our incredible team continues to dedicate their time improving current products, bringing new ideas to life, and exceeding the expectations of customers. We serve multiple markets including agricultural, forestry, industrial/utility, professional pest management, and home & garden.

  The IPM Vision 

Our age–old struggle with managing insect pests to secure an adequate food supply and a healthy living standard continues unabated and remains at critical levels in some areas of the world. Many major chemical insecticides that allowed us to make significant advances have been removed from use and others are being questioned for undesirable side effects to human or animal health and the environment. Government regulation, consumer pressure, and the build–up of resistant pest populations will continue to eliminate conventional insecticides from the market, escalating the need for environmentally-acceptable products.

We are committed to environmental stewardship.

The majority of our products use low-risk insect pheromones and other bio-pesticides and we source local or biodegradable materials when possible. Despite these achievements, we understand there remain additional opportunities to reduce our environmental impact. We evaluate every action from planning to shipping so you can use our products with confidence and peace-of-mind.